Birth of a new (technology) blog

It's not every day a new technology blog is born. Actually, it probably is; indeed, 1,000's of new blogs are probably born everyday, most of which will die within a few short years.

I already have another not-so-well maintained blog. I discovered that I was overly mixing my politics with technology, and these are two topics that make unlikely, and slightly uncomfortable bedfellows. Thus, I decided to split these two topics apart and this one is for technical types. The other is for people interested in politics and other non-technical topics.

The programming/technical topics from the other blog are reproduced here. They don't have comments, but that's because the comments were previously in a Wordpress blog, and as I have switched to Disqus, I didn't think it appropriate to upload their comments without their permission - which would have been difficult to source. Basically, anything with a data before 2016 is from the old site!

From a technical perspective, this site is built with Hugo (as it says to the left), and is hosted on AWS S3. Why? Not because I expecting a huge amount of traffic; rather because, like Everest, it was there. But it does mean that I don't have to maintain a server to keep this site going. (The fact that I do is besides the point).

The plan for this site is to record things I find interesting in the work I do, the articles I read, and the (probably much better) work that other people do. Sometimes it may be work-related, but I'll be sure to categorise it as 'work'. I'll also be doing a few projects and they'll also get categorised according to the project.

Anyway, that's enough for an inaugural post.

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