About ‘Progressive Differentials ...’

Hi! I’m Alex Kavanagh and these are my thoughts, experiences, observations and opinions on the world of technology, programming, devops and other topics related to technology. They are purely my opinions, and don’t represent the thoughts of others, my employer, or anyone else you might want to attribute them to.

What you won’t find here, mostly, are any thoughts on politics, life, or (as this is the Internet), cats. For those, go see my other blog.

I’m a software developer, mostly working in Python, on devops software (Juju charms) for OpenStack. I work for Canonical; however, this is a personal technology commentary. You’ve probably heard of Canonical’s most popular output: Ubuntu Linux.

I’m passionate about programming, particularly with interesting languages such as Common Lisp,  Erlang, Haskell, and OCAML.  Which is almost a shame, as most of my programming was done in Assembler, C, Perl and an obscure language called FORTH (and we won’t go there ever again). I spend my days programming in Python, Bash and a little Go. But I do like Python and Go.

Progressive: Life should go forward, we should all strive to learn new things, and for me, ‘progression’ means that we’re all going somewhere, wherever that may be.

Differentials: Although being a slight play on the words of my other blog, here this is about the changes in technology, software development practice and the very platforms that we work with. I’m interested in new things, and how they change our environment over time.